Principal Investigator


Ed Munro 
PhD University of Washington

Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Fellows

Hidehiko Hashimoto
PhD Osaka University

I am studying how mechanical forces drive cell shape changes and tissue deformation, how the mechanical forces are spatiotemporally regulated in neural tube closure zippering in simple chordate, ascidian. I love rumen very much, also sports, swimming, basketball, baseball, snowboarding etc...




Seth Donoughe
PhD Harvard University

I study cellular, developmental, and evolutionary biology, with a particular interest in insects. My current work is focused on the delightful diversity of insect egg shapes and unpacking the cellular mechanisms that lead to their formation. I enjoy the intersection of art and science, ping pong, sports, paper crafts, and board games.



Kristin Sherrard
PhD University of Chicago

I study how basal stress fibers function in the collective migration of the Drosophila follicular epithelium, primarily using TIRF microscopy. I sing in the University chorus, look after too many pets in a small apartment, work on a futuristic sci-fi novel in the wee hours of the morning, and lose track of my cell phone whenever possible.



Yuji Mizotani
PhD Keio University

I study cellular and developmental biology in ascidians. By using the latest imaging techniques, detailed image analysis and mathematics, I hope to elucidate the simple laws that govern complex tissue deformations during development. Outside of research, I enjoy taking some exercise, going outside and taking pictures.

Graduate Students


Younan Li
Committee on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology

I study cytokinesis in C.elegans. My favorite two hobbies are eating and day dreaming. Eating makes me like to talk about food all the time. And cooking, but I don't like to cook the same dish twice, so I don't cook that often. Day dreaming makes me like drawing, reading, and talking to my friends about fantasy/drama/myth/religion/philosophy/psychology/humanity, etc. I'm not a big fan of sports, but I do like jogging and swimming, 'cause they are perfect for day dreaming. So don't hi to me if you see me jogging, my mind is probably in a parallel universe 🙂



Charles Lang
Committee on Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology

I study cell polarity in early C.elegans embryogenesis. Outside of research, I like jogging and climbing and grilling.




Baixue Yao
Cellular and Molecular Biology

I study the spatiotemporal regulation of RhoA activation during pulsed contraction in early C. elegans embryos. I like flowers, gardening and ballroom dancing.

Post-baccalaureate Research Assistants

ScreenShot2017-07-07at5.21.29PMLeah Wallach

I study polarity establishment in the two-cell stage of the C. elegans embryo. Outside the lab, I dance, write, play tabletop roleplaying games, and paint nail art based on the discography of pop musician Carly Rae Jepsen.



Lab Alumni

Alex Anneken
Former Position: Post-baccalaureate Research Associate
Current Position: Graduate Student at Yale University

Jonathan Michaux
Former Position: Graduate Student, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Current Position: Robotics Graduate Student at University of Michigan

Will McFadden
Former Position: Graduate Student, Biophysics
Current Position: Data Scientist at Color Genomics

Anne Sailer
Former Position: Research Technician
Current Position: Medical Student at Rosiland Franklin University

Francois Robin
Former Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Position: Group Leader at Institut de Biologie Paris-Seine